Medium Term Model Outputs

Date SPX Date USO Date GDXJ Date GLD
09/09/16 D 09/30/16 U 09/12/16 U 12/29/16 U
11/11/16 U 10/18/16 D 09/19/16 D

11/17/16 U 10/19/16 U

12/21/16 D 11/10/16 D

11/29/16 U

12/12/16 D

12/27/16 U

D = down and U= up, for our non-English readers. 

The table above shows the outputs of medium-term neural net models for some time series of interest to me,
with output beginning September 1, 2016.  They are not intended as trading advice.

I will try to update this table on weekends. 

Last update February 19, 2016

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